Allan Roth: Should Advisors Rethink Fixed Income?

Allan Roth: Should Advisors Rethink Fixed Income?

Veteran advisor navigates the nuances of the current bond market.

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In this episode of Advisor Upside, we examine the potential of fixed income during this unique period of stubbornly high inflation facing off against a Federal Reserve that can’t seem to pull the trigger on interest rate cuts.

Where does that leave investors seeking the stability and predictable income of bonds? Allan Roth, veteran financial advisor and founder of Wealth Logic, breaks it all down in a conversation with Wealth Management Editor Jeff Benjamin.

Roth details the subtle nuance of bonds and how investors and advisors can get tricked into heading in the wrong direction if they fail to factor in the punishing effects of inflation on fixed income allocations.

However, it’s a different story when it comes to Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS). As Roth explains, there are ETFs designed specifically for bond ladders that can help investors navigate the current market cycle.

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