Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

etf.com Ethical Journalism Guidelines

etf.com has an unparalleled reputation as the foremost authority on the exchange-traded fund industry and must work zealously to protect our trusted relationship with readers. That relationship begins and ends with the independence of our journalism.

etf.com strives to report accurately and comprehensively to the best of our ability. The information gathered is for the benefit of its reader and it is our policy and obligation to correct our errors — both significant, as well as, minor incidents — as soon as our staffers become aware of them.  

etf.com is the authority on financial news and provides diverse, fact-based analysis about the current financial markets. We educate investors to make informed decisions with the goal of achieving better investment outcomes for themselves and their clients. However, we should never offer financial advice to our readers or make predictions about specific future market events.

We observe all commonly held practices in journalism and strive to uphold our journalistic ethics to the highest possible standards.


Staff members compete vigorously, but should deal with competitors openly and honestly, and most importantly in good faith. Should our reporting use facts first reported by another publication, we should attribute them within reason. While pursuing a story, no efforts should be made to sabotage or hamstring competing publications.


etf.com should also treat advertisers and clients as fairly and openly as it treats readers and other news sources.

That respect and transparency is based on the mutual understanding that our newsroom and advertising are strictly separate — those who deal with either one have distinct obligations and goals. Our editorial process will never be affected in any way by sales or advertising ambitions. 


Members of the etf.com editorial team are often sent or offered gifts by sources, public relations agencies, corporations and others. Sometimes these gifts are designed to encourage or influence news coverage or business.

Whatever the intent, we cannot accept all such gifts. As a policy, editorial employees: 

  • may accept gifts worth approximately $25 or less. More valuable gifts should be politely returned. 
  • may accept and keep books, DVDs and other items received for review for professional reference.
  • must not accept tickets to sports, hospitality and entertainment events for anything other than coverage purposes. 


etf.com acknowledges that social media outlets, as well as, outside appearances at industry events can enhance the reputation of its reporters, foster professional development and at the same time serve the paper’s interests. Social media and outside speaking engagements can be important aspects of modern day journalism.

Nevertheless, no staff member shall reasonably create an actual or apparent conflict of interest or undermine public trust in the paper’s impartiality through social media posts or outside appearances.

Reporters attending conferences or making appearances, whether in-person or virtually, should clear the events with editorial supervisors.