Fund Flows

Our fund flow tool provides insight into the inflows and outflows of all ETFs.


To analyze Fund Flows for a group of ETFs, you must input the ETF tickers of the funds you wish to analyze. Next, select a date range and a time interval for your analysis. Click the Submit button and you will see a breakdown of the Fund Flows according to your specifications, as well as an aggregate figure that totals the net flows for the period specified.

Fund Flow data for a given day typically is not available until the following day. Unfortunately, we do not have data that provides visibility to intraday fund flows.

Fund Flows can provide insights into investor sentiment across all aspects of the investment world. Fund flows can show how investors are positioning their investments across specific asset classes and strategies, and how investor preferences have changed over time.

Shares in an ETF may not be created or redeemed on a daily basis. It is normal to see ETFs that may have no inflows or outflows for an extended period of time.

Fund Flows show how investors are moving money in and out of ETFs. Inflows occur when new shares are created in an ETF, increasing the total assets of the fund. Outflows occur when ETF shares are redeemed, decreasing the total assets of the fund.

The ETF Fund Flows tool gives you the ability to analyze the inflows and outflows of specific ETFs.