Everything You Need to Know About ETF Costs

Everything You Need to Know About ETF Costs

Vanguard’s Sharp discusses the multiple costs associated with owning ETFs.

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Edited by: Kent Thune
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Vanguard recently published a thought leadership piece titled “Understanding the total cost of ETF ownership,” in which it dives deep into all the elements that go into ETF costs.

In this episode of Exchange Traded Fridays, etf.com Senior Analyst Sumit Roy and etf.com Wealth Management Editor Jeff Benjamin sit down with David Sharp, Senior ETF Capital Markets Specialist at Vanguard, to discuss the report.

For example, when investors think about the costs associated with exchange-traded funds, expense ratios come to mind. But those are just one part of the total cost of ETF ownership.  

Spreads, premiums/discounts, tracking error, and market impact costs are all a part of the equation as well.

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