New ETF Watchlists Tool Debuts

New ETF Watchlists Tool Debuts

We’ve made it easier to keep track of ETFs you own or want to watch.

Reviewed by: Luis Guerra
Edited by: Luis Guerra

At, we built our website to help you find the best ETF for your portfolio. That’s why our tools are designed to take advantage of the best data in the ETF industry.

Today the team is proud to announce the revamp of our ETF Watchlists Tool. You can also find our ETF Watchlists under our ETF Tools & Data menu, or by using this link:

With more than 2,200 ETFs trading on the U.S. markets, it can become a difficult endeavor to keep track of your favorite ETFs in a manageable list, or to even create several lists of ETFs to watch a particular market segment.

Our enhanced ETF Watchlists tool is built using the latest web technology. It allows faster loading times; provides the ability to create multiple ETF lists; and has a user-friendly design to review key data points. As usual, these features are free of charge for all our registered users.

Create & Edit ETF Watchlists

To start using the tool, you will be asked to log in to your account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here.

Once you are logged in to the site, you can create your watchlist by clicking the “New Watchlist” button. This button will open a small window for you to input the name of your watchlist and a small description. As an example, I created a list to track U.S. Large-Cap Momentum ETFs:

Once your watchlist is created, you can add ETFs to your watchlists. You can use our ETF search box to add ETFs by their name or ticker symbol. Our tool will suggest a list of ETFs based on what you have typed.


If you know the symbol of the ETF you want to track, simply input the tickers followed by a comma. You can enter up to five tickers at a time. Then, add those symbols to your watchlist by pressing the “Add Ticker” button.



Add ETFs In Fund Reports

You can also add an ETF to your watchlist inside our fund reports. You can find the “Add to watchlist” button at the right-hand side of all fund reports. Once you click the button, you can select which ETF list you want to add:



Maximizing Our ETF Dashboard

Once you have set up your ETF list, you will have a powerful dashboard for your ETF research. Our tool allows you to navigate through 120 data points, from ETF flows to MSCI FaCS scores. You can sort and customize all of our institutional ETF data in one place, free of charge. Furthermore, you can now create up to five ETF lists for your convenience.

In this screen, you can see ETF flows for several time periods. ETFs are sorted by largest one-year flow.


We hope you enjoy our enhancements. As always, if you have any ideas or comments, we love to hear them. You can write to us at [email protected].





Luis Guerra, CFA, is the Product Manager of He develops new features and functionalities for the website. Guerra also manages and maintains the database. He graduated with honors from Barry University with a dual degree in finance and international business.