Where Opportunities Lie in Muni Bond ETFs

MacKay’s Dowden says that one part of the muni bond market is “exceptionally rich.” 

Reviewed by: Ron Day
Edited by: Sean Allocca

Muni bonds are seeing competing crosscurrents. New bond issuances are down notably this year, but there haven’t been a lot of inflows into muni bond funds. 

At the same time, certain sections of the muni bond market are much more richly valued than others. It’s a lot of potential investors in muni bonds and muni bonds funds to consider. Helping to break it all down is David Dowden, a managing director at MacKay Municipal Managers and portfolio manager of the MainStay MacKay municipal bond fund. 

Tune in as Dowden sits down with etf.com Senior analyst Sumit Roy in this exciting episode.

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