The Currency ‘Hedge of Least Regret’

The Currency ‘Hedge of Least Regret’

IndexIQ’s Petersen talks currency hedged ETFs.

Reviewed by: Staff
Edited by: Kent Thune

Currency hedged ETFs are back in vogue as the dollar strengthens against foreign currencies. But is now the right time to buy these funds or should investors stick with unhedged ETFs?

In this episode of Talk ETFs, Dan Petersen, ETF Product Manager at IndexIQ, sits down with Senior Analyst to discuss the pros and cons of currency hedged ETFs, as well as a unique hybrid currency hedged strategy—the “hedge of least regret,” as he calls it.

Petersen also discusses recent developments in the currency markets, as well as the IQ FTSE International Equity Currency Neutral ETF (HFXI).

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