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See the 2024 Award nominees for Best New Active ETF.

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Selecting Nominees for Best New Active ETF

Actively managed ETFs can take full advantage of a powerful exchange-traded funds feature that enables issuers to target specific industries and niche markets and package them into a single security that trades like a stock. 


Nominees for the best new active ETF at the 2024 Awards embody this powerful feature. 


This year’s nominees include funds launched in 2023 that have demonstrated exceptional expertise and success managing investments with a hands-on approach, including a clear, well-defined strategy that differentiates it from passive index-based ETFs. 


The Best New Active ETF winner, as well as winners from the other 16 categories, will be announced at the Awards ceremony, to be held at Tribeca Rooftop in New York City on April 17, 2024.  

AB Disruptors ETF

AllianceBernstein’s AB Disruptors ETF (FWD) seeks to outperform global growth equity markets by investing in innovative companies positioned to disrupt their respective industries. 


Factors considered in stock selection include projected profitability, pricing power and technological superiority, which tends to lean toward fast-growing tech stocks like Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) and, Inc. (AMZN), which are top holdings in the fund. 


FWD’s expense ratio is 0.65% and its AUM is $288 million. 

Capital Group Core Balanced ETF

The Capital Group Core Balanced ETF (CGBL) provides investors with a balanced approach to total return, including income and capital gains, while prioritizing capital preservation over the long term. 


CGBL typically invests between 50% and 75% of its assets in equities and the remaining portion in fixed income securities and cash equivalents. 


The expense ratio for CGBL is 0.33% and its AUM is $308 million.

Fidelity Disruptive Technology ETF

The Fidelity Disruptive Technology ETF (FDTX) seeks long-term capital growth by investing in companies Fidelity believes to be at the forefront of disruptive technology trends.


The fund invests in a global portfolio of companies across various sectors that are considered innovative technologies, such as AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity and e-commerce.


The expense ratio for FDTX is 0.50%, and its AUM is $147 million.

Panagram BBB-B CLO ETF

The Panagram BBB-B CLO ETF (CLOZ) invests in collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), primarily in tranches rated BB- to BBB, which are generally considered higher-risk but potentially offer higher yields. 


Due to its focus on lower-rated CLO tranches, CLOZ offers significant exposure to the high-yield bond market, often referred to as "junk bonds." 


The expense ratio for CLOZ is 0.51% and its AUM is $240 million. 

PIMCO Commodity Strategy Active ETF

The PIMCO Commodity Strategy Active ETF (CMDT) seeks to achieve total return, which can include capital appreciation and income generation, by investing in commodity-linked derivative instruments.  


CMDT aims to profit from price movements in commodities through derivatives like futures contracts, but with active management by PIMCO. 


CMDT’s expense ratio is 0.65% and its AUM is $225 million. 

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