Hot Reads: Goldman Plans DeFi/Blockchain ETF

Plus, BlackRock moves $1.4 billion into TIPS fund.
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Goldman Files For DeFi/Blockchain ETF (Coindesk)
The investment bank giant is looking to guide investments into companies in the crypto space.


BlackRock Move Sends $1.4B To ‘TIP’ (FA Magazine)
A tweak to BlackRock’s model portfolios has triggered a record inflow into the biggest inflation-hedged ETF.


Should You Invest In Gold ETFs? (Forbes)
In basic terms, buying gold ETFs means purchasing gold in the electronic format.


Digital Asset ETFs: Not Crypto Enough? (FactorResearch)
Digital asset ETFs have outperformed tech stocks in recent years, but they provide no exposure to cryptocurrencies.


Why Financial Institutions Are Gobbling Up Direct Indexing Tech (Financial Planning)
Direct indexing is at the forefront of the latest wealthtech arms race.


The Cathie Wood Effect (CNBC)
Ark Invest’s impact on the thematic investing landscape.


As Good As It Gets? (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Is this going to be the best stock market environment ever for young people?


The Facts About Factor Timing (Validea)
Different approaches to building investment strategies that time factors.


Shortest Recession In History Sets Up Next Recession (Advisor Perspectives)
While the effects of the latest recession were within historical norms, the recession itself was not.


Is There Any Hope For Liquid Alt Funds? (Morningstar)
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