Odds & Ends: A Slow Summer Week for ETFs

The week saw mixed news regarding approval of a spot bitcoin ETF.

Reviewed by: Lisa Barr
Edited by: Lisa Barr

This week saw relatively few launches and no closures as the ETF world is in the August doldrums. 

After delaying its first decision as to whether it will allow a spot bitcoin ETF, it’s still unclear when or whether the SEC will allow that type of fund.  

Bloomberg reported late Thursday that the regulatory body may be set to approve ethereum futures ETFs, allowing exchange-traded fund investors to gain exposure to a second cryptocurrency. Almost a dozen companies including Volatility Shares, ProShares ETFs and Bitwise Asset Management have filed to launch exchange-traded funds tracking futures of the second largest cryptocurrency. 

JPMorgan announced it was going to close two of its actively managed ETFs. The JPMorgan ActiveBuilders U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF (JUSA) is set to shutter in September and the JPMorgan ActiveBuilders International Equity ETF (JIDA) will close in October. The firm is continuing its push into active ETFs but the funds’ failure represents a significant stumble. 

Thematic fund issuer Tema Global launched two new thematic funds this week, focusing on oncology and royalty-collecting firms.  



  • Tema Oncology ETF (CANC) 
  • YieldMax COIN Option Income Strategy ETF (CONY) 
  • Madison Dividend Value ETF (DIVL) 


  • Tema Global Royalties ETF (ROYA) 


  • Global X Brazil Active ETF (BRAZ) 
  • Global X India Active ETF (NDIA) 

ETF Changes 


The AXS 1.25X NVDA Bear Daily ETF (NVDS) underwent a 1 for 5 reverse split.  

The GraniteShares XOUT U.S. Large Cap ETF (XOUT) changed its name and ticker to the GraniteShares Nasdaq Select Disruptors ETF (DRUP). Its underlying index changed from the U.S. Large Cap Index to the Nasdaq US Large Cap Select Disruptors Index 


The Clockwise Capital Innovation ETF (TIME) changed its name to the Clockwise Core Equity & Innovation ETF.  


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